Quality Policy
We, at LG Polymers India Pvt Ltd., are committed to customer satisfaction. We shall meet customer needs and expectations by timely delivery of quality products through continual improvement of technology, infrastructure and work environment with innovation and total participation.
 Safety, Health and Environmental Policy
Here at LG Polymers India, we recognize that safety, health and environment (SH&E) is the fundamental element for securing differentiated competitiveness. For continuous improvement on SH&E performance, LG Polymers India will be committed to implementing the following guiding principles.
We will comply with all applicable SH&E legal requirements and establish leading corporate SH&E rules and best practices.
We will drive continuous innovation throughout the entire life cycle of operation to supply environmentally-friendly products and services.
We will provide a safe and healthy work environment and ensure the principle-adhering corporate culture.
We will support business partners and local communities to improve their SH&E practices as our social responsibility.
We will communicate our SH&E policies and programs with stakeholders.

To ensure compliance with this policy, we will consider SH&E as the top priority in all our business activities.