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Quality Policy  
We, at LG Polymers India Pvt Ltd., are committed to customer satisfaction. We shall meet customer needs and expectations by timely delivery of quality products through continual improvement of technology, infrastructure and work environment with innovation and total participation.
Environmental Policy
We, at LG Polymers India Pvt. Ltd., shall ensure that we manufacture our product range of General Purpose, High Impact and Expandable Polystyrene resins in the most environmental friendly way possible by;
Meeting all legal and other requirements related to our internal and external environment and striving to exceed them where possible.
Ensuring a safe working environment for all the employees including contract workers.
Achieving excellent levels of house keeping in all areas and maintaining a clean and green work environment.
Using best available options for waste disposal and management, while actively working to reduse wastes at source.
Striving to continually improve unit consumption of resources and reduce total demand where possible.
Ensuring that our neighbouring community is not put to inconvenience.
Developing and maintaining an extensive green belt.
Maintaining a high level of environmental awarness among all the employees including contract workers.
Continually improving our envirounmental management system.