GPPS also known as General Purpose polystyrene and HIPS also known as high impact polystyrene, products have their General as well as Specialty grades. Tailor-made grades also are being made available based on specific vendor requirement. We also make a wide range of colored polystyrene ( CPS ) to meet specific Customer requirements.
EPS is defined as "Expandable Polystyrene" resin which is Produced by suspension polymerization using styrene monomer.

EPS produced by suspension polymerization, is polymerized in spherical shaped beads with diameter of 0.3 ~ 2.5 mm, and classified into grades for respective applications. EPS available both in general and self-extinguishing grades, is excellent in lightweight, Insulation, mechanical strength, that is widely Widely used for electrical and electronics packaging, cold storage, boxes for agricultural & fishery products, construction, pattern casting, insulation boards and Disposables.
EPC Engineering plastics Compounds
Highly-functional engineering plastic whose properties have been enhanced with compounding

Engineering plastic is lighter yet stronger than general plastics.Thus, it is used as an industrial raw material for automobiles and electronic parts. EPC is a highly-functional engineering plastic whose properties have been further enhanced by using the engineering plastic as the base material and adding certain additives to it. LG Chem provides excellent products based on its proprietary technologies.